Project Description

Which Content Management Systems Right For You?

Content Management Systems (CMS) platforms have developed into powerful tools to allow you to maintain; market; and publish your web content. Each CMS platform possesses tailored tools for different scenarios. Therefore it is essential before we recommend a content management system for your website that we understand the technical delivery requirement that a CMS needs to deliver. At Affinity we are platform agnostic; we will not recommend a CMS platform until we have considered the scope; type of project; content and functionality the CMS is required to manage.

Drag & drop content editor

Create content pages fast and easy with the drag & drop editor.

Snippets are small blocks of editable content that can be used to easily populate any part of a page with customizable content. The Snippet Manager comes with a collection of predefined Snippets.

Security & user management

Whether you need a public website, a secure intranet or a hybrid solution with both a public and a private area, our security model serves all.

Registered users can be grouped into various customizable roles and access can be granted on a per page or per section basis.

Content Types

The CMS a broad variety of content types.

  • The most common types are:
  • Rich content pages
  • Blog & news sections
  • FAQs
  • Downloadables
  • Image galleries
  • And much more…

Final Result & Client Satisfaction

What Does This Mean For You?

The correct tools to enable you to take control of your website at a desired level whatever your degree of knowledge. Our in house training will ensure that you and your elected staff will confidently manage content; extract required data and keep costs of website maintenance under control.

We can offer a bespoke CMS system as well as supporting most of the leading third party systems including Magento; Umbraco; WordPress; Drupal and Joomla amongst others.

Existing CMS Support with an in house multi skilled development team; Affinity are also able to assist you with your existing CMS. Many companies and organisations discover the need for development; training or technical support and for a multiple of reasons require a new partner for these services.